Falcon X

Falcon X is a conceptual drone which features rotating wings that allow for a compact storing and carrying solution. It is inspired by the aerodynamic form factor of a peregrine falcon, giving it a unique and aesthetic appearance.

Novel and Functional

The striking and dinstinct design includes sensors and a high quality rotating camera for a premium and adventurous experience. The drone is targeted towards hobbyist flyers, photographers and videographers.



Drones in the form of quadcopters have become increasingly popular in recent years. As well as being used as a leisure activity, they have many other applications including surveillance, product delivery, aerial video and photography, etc. Recent advances in microelectronics have facilitated the production of affordable lightweight quadcopters with accelerometers, global positioning system, cameras, etc. They are manufactured in a variety of forms and sizes and many are novel in design.

Develop and graphically communicate a new concept design for a quadcopter based on a selected theme or target market.



The Falcon X drone was inspired by natural avian design particularly that of the peregrine falcon.



The drone was developed, finalised and then rendered in SolidWorks.