Meme about ADHD with caption: They can do things exceptionally well and inhumanely fast. Watch this!

Consider ADHD as a mis-match and not a superpower.

Let’s first consider for a moment ADHD as some sort of superpower.

Oasis Dimmers on woman

The Oasis Dimmers and the Timekeeper Case: An ADHD Design Story

A story of how I designed a product to help people to focus in busy environments and how I learned more about myself along the way.

Adidas RPT-02 SOL Headphones on a woman with light particles

Harnessing Ambient Energy with Adidas

I haven't charged these headphones in 6 weeks. They're perfect for my exercise routine.

Dell XPS 13 Plus

Visibly Invisible: Reimagining User Interactions

If a user is familiar with where a touch point is placed on a product traditionally, what happens when you undefine that touch point?

Phone stand made with Lego bricks

Memories: Objectified

I can’t put a full stop after my design philosophy. It’s something that’s continuously developing.

Person with a podcasting setup

Podcasting & Original by Design

“Am I original or am I the sum of a lot of ideas I’ve accumulated over time?”

Arthur fist meme with the caption 'Everyone is a designer'

Everyone Can Design but is Everyone a Designer?

Should everyone be a designer, or should the profession be reserved for the professional?

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

My "Visit" to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

On the 9th of March, I travelled the world wide web to Seoul, South Korea to visit the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Where Are The Black Designers?

Step In My Shoes

...I couldn’t help but wonder if there were any superstar designers that looked like me.

Surface Family

Storytelling Beneath the Surface

I think as humans we understand things better when they’re told as stories. For whatever reason our minds prefer comprehending ideas as a beginning, middle and end.

Donald Glover X Adidas

Shoe Design: Footloose and Valued

I think there’s something special about designing shoes that isn’t found in many other industries; the freedom of aesthetic and expression.

the thinker statue

Creativity in Motion

How can we put creativity into motion? Well, by doing exactly just that: moving.

design art or enigeering?

Design: Art or Engineering?

Why do we feel the need to describe design as a subset, an intersection rather than the overarching concept. Why isn't art design without engineering? Why isn't engineering design without aesthetic?


Xbox Series X vs. Playstation 5: Which Has the Better Design?

What's better: the minimal design of the Xbox Series X or the futuristic design of the Playstation 5? Here's what I think...


Why Triple Screen Devices Are The Next Big Thing

The hype train for dual-screen devices is picking up pace and that’s great, but I think this trendy form factor is just the penultimate phone. Where the future of the smartphone lies are triple screen devices…


Does Microsoft Need Its Own Phone To Have A Complete Ecosystem?

On the 7th of August, at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event, Samsung announced an interesting partnership with Microsoft. Samsung and Microsoft have always had some sort of collaboration…


Apple's Best and Worst Designs Throughout the Years

Apple's Chief Design Officer, Jonathan Ive, has resigned from the company after working there for almost 30 years. He was responsible for designing popular Apple products…


The Phone That Doesn't Want You To Use It!

Blloc, a German company, has designed a phone for minimalists. The Blloc Zero 18 is designed to allow you to regain control of your phone, focusing on productivity and meaningful tasks while…


Xbox Adaptive Controller: Gaming For The Disabled

Gaming is an activity enjoyed by a lot of people. From children to mothers to the elderly, there's a video game for everyone. However, while there's a video game for everyone, it isn't…


Dual Screen Devices: The Next Big Thing?

In the past few years, we've seen different form factors of phones. From Samsung's edge displays to Apple's full-screen iPhone X, companies are experimenting more and more with their…