Lámha Lamp

The Lámha (Irish: "Hands") Lamp harnesses ambient light in a geometric, hand-like form. Its angular, semi-transparent design compliments the rays of light emitted from a warm, flame-shaped bulb.

Lamha Lamp

Aesthetically Ambient

It is a decorative light that sits perfectly on a shelf or as an eyecatching centre piece on an accent table.



Using an iterative design process, design and build a fully functioning light fixture for one of the following purposes: Accenting or Ambience, using only materials chosen from the list below. Restrictions List:

  • The light cannot be larger than 30cm x 30cm x 30cm when assembled and no larger than an A3 envelope (29.7cm x 42cm) when flat.
  • Use only flat materials no thicker than 3mm to produce the design.
  • You must use materials from the Bill of Materials list: MDF, Plywood, Acrylic, Styrene, Paper, Card, EVA foam.



My inspiration for my lamp design came from exploring how light was delivered in the past. Looking at candles, oil lamps, and campfires there's a connection between our hands and fire as a source of light.



Most of the ideation and development process was done through prototyping. I made various low to medium fidelity models to explore how the design could come together. For the brief, we were not allowed to use any adhesives to make the prototypes. This both restricted and inspired parts of the design such as the open-ended "fingers".

Model Alpha

Model Beta

Model Gamma



After finalising the materials and the design of the lamp, I modelled it in SolidWorks and rendered various views of it. The base of the lamp is a dark stained wood and the "fingers" are made of an orange-tinted glass.


Renders in Context

I later decided to experiment more with rendering in Autodesk 3DS Max by creating an context render.